Monday, May 17, 2010

Which personality type is most likely to be interested in Myers-Briggs/Jung Theory?

My initial thinking was definitely one of the NF (Idealist) personalities – in The Art of Speed Reading People, Tieger mentions “for the philosophical idealists life is a journey of self-discovery – a perpetual search for meaning. Their mission is to understand as much about themselves and others as they possibly can, in order to achieve their potential” – is this not the essence of the MBTI/Jung Personality theory? Helping people understand themselves and others better.

But, lets look at it from a more segmented perspective, dealing with the 4 key preferences:

Introvert or Extroverts? Introverts are much more likely to be interested as they prefer introspecting, which is required to discover your personality type in the first place, and lets be honest there's a whole lot of reading, which many extroverts will find draining (they'd probably rather be amongst other people discussing it).

Intuitive or Sensors? Whilst MBTI does have a wide and growing range of practical applications, it’s very much theoretically based, which means Intuitive types are much more likely to be interested.

Thinkers or Feelers? Feelers tend to be more interested in personal analysis and human nature than thinkers who are generally more interested in impersonal analysis and things/objects.

Judgers or Perceivers? Perceivers are generally more likely to be curious and looking to expand their knowledge than judgers – so they’d be more likely to find out about or stumble upon MBTI in the first place.

So, that makes sense that an NF is the most likely to be interested in Myers Briggs/Jung Personality theory, but are INFP actually the most likely to be interested in it?

Well, PersonalityCafe forums seems to agree – out of all the forums for individual types INFP’s by far have the most posts - looking at it on 17/5/2010 they have 1574 threads and 40014 posts, the next highest being INFJ’s with 952 threads, 21053 posts followed by, ENFP in 3rd with 730 threads, 15404 posts.


  1. I actually think many INTJs find the MBTI theories appealing since it helps place people into logical categories.

    We also like to rationalize EVERYTHING...including WHY people do things, and the MBTI answers that question for us quite often. So feelings may not have to do much with why MBTI appeals to some.

    I think we're also always trying to IMPROVE on things, including ourselves. MBTI helps us do just that.

  2. Really, I think if someone is INxx, there's a good chance they'd be interested in MBTI.