Monday, May 24, 2010

Two and a Half Men Characters Personality Types

Two and a Half Men is a very popular TV comedy series created by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, about a free-wheeling, laidback jingle writer (Charlie), his overbearing, unlucky in love brother (Alan) and Alan's slow witted, underachieving son, Jake, who live in a beach-front house - owned by Charlie, with Alan and Jake moving in at the start of the series after Alan's divorce leaves him without a place to stay. Here's my analysis and personality typing of the main and some of the recurring characters.


Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) – ENFJ

Smooth, charismatic, charming dominant Fe that has the Ni cunning edge to it that can allows him to bed women with such ease.

Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) – INFP

Has the Fi dominant virtuous and subject values as the top priority of his psyche with a good dose of the Ne blend of clever and goofy sense of humour.

Quite strong Si-Te polar side with his attention to particular details.

Jake Harper (Angus T Jones) – ISFP

 Definitely comes across a literal (S), adaptive (P) easy going, go with the flow type as well as values-orientated (F).

I'm leaning to ISFP as it seems more like he has Te inferior (struggles with external logical structure i.e. his troubles at school), but possibly ESFP.

Berta (Conchata Ferrell) – INTJ

She's sharp tongued, witty, insightful and sees what's coming to the Harper brothers before they do due to her cunning Ni insight and delivers it with the cool, sharp tongue of Te.

Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor) – ENTJ

She’s portrayed as a dominant, controlling, cold, heartless, superficial career woman/man eater – Te dominant type seems very likely.

Rose (Melanie Lynskey) – ENFP

Comes across as an ENFP - buoyant, optimistic, smart and bubbly.

Judith Melnick (Marin Hinkle) – ESTJ

I think she is a good example of an unhealthy ESTJ personality (polar to Alan's personality) - self absorbed, stone cold, overly bossy, rigid, controlling and takes advantage of others.


Dr Herb Melnick (Ryan Stiles) - INTP
Kandi (April Bowlby) - ESFP
Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor) - ISFJ
Dr Linda Freeman (Jane Lynch) - INTJ


  1. I'd say that Charlie is of a SP archetype, possibly ESTP, absolutely not a NF.

  2. Do you really think Charlie is a T? I would put Charlie at ESFP, but I could consider an argument that he is ESTP. David Keirsey describes ENFJ as The Teacher. That is not Charlie. But I think he fits ESFP, The Performer.

  3. As a hairdresser INFJ in an unusual relationship with an ENTP musician/entrepreneur , I have never seen my relationship personified better than in Charlie and Rose. Our relationship has gotten healthier, as time has gone by. Moving away will do that, but I had to, seeing him drinking and flirting with everything in a skirt was killing me, and I am finally psychologically healthy enough to say no to him, so we are just friends now and I do his hair...cause I could never completely say no, because I love him, even if he is an ass sometimes. He has softened over time, and said someday, when he is old and gray and in a wheelchair, he might just marry me. I told him, I know you are already old and gray...and I can arrange the wheelchair.

  4. Ps- Captain Jack Sparrow is an ENTP, and the Ni in INFJ makes us seem crazy as we talk is off topic "unrelated" tangents and get obsessed with people, our 2nd position Fe appears to be weird bubbly extroverts and seem socially manipulative, our Ti is always plotting the crazy Ni ideas, and our Se...has us trying to arrange the most beautiful life...because our Ni says the ideal life is possible, even if it is not very realistic. At least when we are unhealthy. INFJs are also the psychologist archtype...who helps others but can't seem to manage their own issues.

  5. what are these abbreviations please?

  6. INFJs are not quite like Rose (not typically naive and wouldn't obsess over the idea of dating someone like Charlie), Rose is not INFJ (doesn't have any Ni traits). I'm myself Ni dominant and do not seem to recognise any Ni traits on Rose nor the "Anonymous INFJ". I think the anonymous INFJ is mistyped, it happens. Rose is bubbly and happy go lucky, has random outbursts, not usually "serious" (referring to maturity), can be somewhat selfish (naive/childish variant of selfish) which tend to be characteristics of extroverted Ne users, not Ni.

  7. Berta is not INTJ, being witty, logical and sharp tongued does not make a person INTJ. Ni is not what you described it as, it's more "complex" than that (for non Ni-doms to understand), I am Ni dominant. Probably "degrading" myself by writing over something that was written years ago.

  8. My bad, the two "anonymous" INFJs have been mistyped. The described traits are certainly "Ne" and not "Ni" (referring to the one that talked about being obsessed with a supposed "ENTP" and the other that talked about Jack Sparrow), mistypes can happen and it's not the slightest uncommon.