Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Which type is least likely to be interested in Myers-Briggs/Jung Personality Theory?

Following up from my previous post on which type would most likely be interested in Myers-Briggs/Jung Personality Theory...

My initial thoughts was it would be one of the SJ (Guardians/Traditionalist) personality types (ESTJ, ISTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ) – they are generally the least open minded to new information of all types, they prefer things that are real and proven and dislike the abstract (which psychology or ‘psycho-bable’ is for many a sensor in general).

Looking at it from a more segmented perspective, dealing with the 4 key preferences:

Introvert or Extroverts? Extroverts are least likely to be interested in introspecting, which is needed to discover your own personality type, as well as the reading and researching required to learn about personality types (they’d generally rather be amongst other people)

Intuitive or Sensors? MBTI despite having growing practical uses, which sensors would appreciate, is heavily theoretical and still unproven, so it is not likely to be most sensors cup of tea.

Thinkers or Feelers? Thinkers generally prefer impersonal analysis and things/objects over personal analysis and human nature, so it’s more down the aisle of feelers.

Judgers or Perceivers? Judgers are generally less likely to be curious and looking to expand their knowledge than perceivers

So that gives us ESTJ – the type that would be least interested in the MBTI – right?

According to PersonalityCafe - who helped us confirm INFP’s are the most likely to be interested in MBTI - (surprisingly) NO! Out of all the personality types, ESFP’s have the least posts on their forum with only 78 threads and 676 posts, followed closely by ESFJ with 91 threads and 705 posts and ISFJ’s in third with 134 threads and 1455 posts in and finally ESTJ’s in fourth with 115 threads and 1550 posts.

It makes sense that 3/4 types with the least posts on the forums are SJ’s (as I hypothesised), but ESFP’s having the least amount of interest (posts) and ¾ also being feelers? Interesting...

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