Monday, May 17, 2010

Which is the ultimate ALPHA male and most masculine personality type?

Alpha Male is defined by wikipedia as "in social animals, the individual in the community with the highest rank."

One thing clear from the definition is the reference to dominance (directiveness) in the social context. Extroverted Feeling (Fe) is the cognitive function that deals with influencing external dynamics with it's focus on the social setting (unlike Te which focuses on the structural setting), so guess who is going to be naturally best at playing the social game? That's right you guessed it Fe dominants - ENFJ's and ESFJ's - as this is the area where they derive their energy from and are most stimulated by - I would say ENFJ's in particular are most likely to come of as alpha male types as Ni gives them more of a unique edge.

What should be noted is that all personalities have the ability to appear directive (as we all have an external dynamics function that we have conscious use) and can appear as 'alpha males'', but some will find it more draining than others, depending on where the external dynamics function is situated in their hierarchy i.e perceivers will find it more draining to take charge, particularly introverted perceivers, as opposed to judgers, particularly extroverted judgers (Te and Fe dominants) who will be the most stimulated by taking charge of dynamics.

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  1. Yes, but ENFJs/ESFJs are also FEELERS, which is seen as a stereotypically feminine trait. In fact, both ENFJs/ESFJ are quite sensitive once you get to know them. NFs, especially, are more sensitive than the other types in general.