Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scrubs Characters Personality Types

Scrubs is a medical comedy-drama TV series created by Bill Lawrence that combines slapstick humour, surreal fantasies and tear-jerking drama better than any other show I've seen (at least from seasons 1-5). Here is my analysis and typing of the main, supporting, recurring and minor/guest characters:


Dr John Dorian AKA J.D. (Zach Braff) – INFJ
He spends a lot of time lost in his own head envisioning the future and always sums up the big picture lessons he learns from the events of the episode (synthesising/global focus) - he also demonstrates the characteristic eye roll to the upper left strong Ni users show (Ni is a rear left brain cognitive function).

His auxiliary Fe is shown in the charm and charisma he exudes in his interactions with patients.

Zach Braff being an INFJ himself helps.

Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) – ENFP

She is very smart, but often ditzy, scatterbrained, can be sensitive to criticism/easily hurt/overwhelmed and a bit socially awkward/unsure of herself, which tends to suggest the Ne-Fi combo.

Has an Si-Te fetish/polar side to her personality too which shows up in her obsessiveness over certain details in her life.

Again, Sarah Chalke being an ENFP herself helps.

Perry Cox, M.D (John McGinley) – INTJ

He has dominant Ni which holds a 'better' view of how things should be and is excellent at shifting perspectives and gaining insight that others miss, with auxiliary Te that is efficient, results orientated and competitive.

He also has a bit of Se fetish shown up in his love of sports (basketball and hockey) and physical training (a lot of INTJ totally dig fitness training).

Christopher Turk (Donald Faison) – ENFP

He is fun loving, buoyant, optimistic and enjoys goofing of with abstract trains of thought with his BFF JD - I suppose ESFP is a possibility as his character isn't as concrete or clear cut as some of the others, but I think ENFP fits WAY better in terms of the dynamic of his relationship with JD.

Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes) - ESFJ

She's a warm, caring, compassionate nurse that is the resident den mother at Sacred Heart and by far the most grounded with her traditional and conservative views.

Janitor (Neil Flynn) – INTJ

He has a rich introverted imagination, ingenious, enjoys role playing (e.g. being a doctor, ghost and Chief of Medicine etc.), has numerous aliases, is a budding inventor (knife wrench, pen-straw, drill fork, business card printer/paint gun combo) - all characteristics of an Ni dominant individual.

Like Cox, his approach to implementing the Ni is Te-style systemic and results orientated.

Dr Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins) – ISTJ

A clear introverted thinking directive type (IxTJ) that seems more focused on maintaining and preserving (Si) rather than growing, progressing and improving the hospital which would more likely suggest Ni.


Todd Quinlan (Robert Maschio) – ESTP
Theodore ‘Ted’ Buckland (Sam Lloyd) – INFP
Jordan Sullivan (Christa Miller) – INTJ
Doug Murphy (Johnny Kastl) – INFP
Keith Dudemeister (Travis Schludt) – ISFJ
Laverne Roberts (Aloma Wright) - ISTJ

Main (Season 8/9)

Lucy Bennett (Kerry Bishe) – ENFP
Denise (Eliza Coupe) – INTJ
Drew Suffin (Michael Mosley) – INTJ
Cole Aaronson (Dave Franco) - ENFJ
Sonja ‘Sunny’ Dey (Sonal Shah) – ENFP


Phillip Wen (Charles Chun) – ISTJ
Lloyd (Michael Schwarz) - ESTP
Lonnie (Michael Hobert) - ISTP


Patricia Wilk (Michael Learned) – ESFJ
Private Brian Dancer (Michael Weston) - ISTP
Sam Dorian (John Ritter) – ENFJ
Dan Dorian (Tom Cavanagh) - ENTP
Ben (Brendan Fraser) – ENFJ
Dr Kevin Casey (Michael J Fox) - INFJ
Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan) - ENFP
Franklyn (Masi Oka) – ISTJ
Harvey Corman (Richard Kind) – ISFJ
Stephanie Gooch (Kate Micucci) – ENFP
Ladinia “Lady” Williams (Kit Pongetti) – ESFJ
Julie Keaton (Heather Locklear) – ENFJ
Hooch (Phill Lewis) – INFJ
Troy (Joe Rose) – ESFP
Billy Calahan (Colin Farrell) - ENFJ
Doug Townshend (Dick Van Dyke) – ESFJ
Marco Espinosa (Freddy Rodríguez) – INTJ
Josh the medical student (DJ Qualls) - INFP
Paige Cox (Cheryl Hines) – INFJ
Peter Fisher (Jay Mohr) - ENFJ
Jason “Cabbage” Cabbagio (Shaughn Buchholz) - ISFP

Kylie (Chrystee Pharris) – ISFJ
Danni Sullivan (Tara Reid) - ESFP
Dr Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks) - ENFP
Dr Molly Clock (Heather Graham) – ENFP
Jaime ‘Tasty Coma Wife’ Moyer (Amy Smart) - ISFP
Julie Quinn (Mandy Moore) – ENFP

Sean Kelly (Scott Foley) – INFP
Jake (Josh Randall) – ISTJ
Nurse Paul Flowers (Rick Schroder) - ESFJ


  1. Scrubs is my favorite show. I always prefer to Watch Scrubs Online. This show is really amazing. I like it so much. Its story is very interesting.

  2. Why do you think everyone is an ENFP..?

    JD - INFP
    Elliot - ESFJ (so very, very J)
    Turk - ESTP

    too bored to continue typing.