Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Simpsons Characters - Personality Types

The Simpsons is one of the most renowned, longest running and successful animated series in TV history.

The show is the creation of Matt Groening and is centred on the Simpsons family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, and their life in the fictional town of Springfield.

The show provide a parodying a typical American working-class family as well as many aspects of society, culture and people.

Here's my read of the show's main and minor characters:

Main Characters:

Homer Simpson – ESFP

An Extroverted Perceiver that is fun loving, lives in the moment, experiences life through his senses and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Marge Simpson – ISFJ

The concern and attention to detail of Si is the prevalent theme with Marge’s character – she provides a good balance to Homer’s character.

Bart Simpson – ESTP

Also a fun loving, live in the moment, go with the flow type like Homer, but with a much more tactical and persuasive side (Ti/Fe).

Lisa Simpson – INFJ

Straight-A student with strong intellectual interests and geared towards activism – struggles to identify with her family.

Minor Characters:

Many of these are very rough guesses at best...

Grandpa Simpson – ISTJ (senile)
Mona Simpson - INFJ

Mrs Jacqueline Bouvier - ISFJ
Selma Bouvier - ISTJ
Patty Bouvier - ISTJ

Ned Flanders - ENFJ
Maude Flanders - INFP
Rod Flanders and Tod Flanders - ISFJ

Chief Wiggum - ESFP
Ralph Wiggum - INFP

Eddie – ISTJ
Lou - ESTP

Principle Skinner - ISTJ
Agnes Skinner - ESTJ

Edna Krabaple - ESFJ
Groundskeeper Willy - ISTJ
Lunch Lady Doris - ISTJ
Super Intendent Chalmers - ESTJ

Nelson Muntz – ESTJ
Martin - INFJ

Mr Burns – INTJ
Waylon Smithers - ISFJ
Larry Burns - ESFP

Dr Hibbert - ENFP

Dr Nick Riviera - ENTP

Snake - INTJ
Gloria - ISFJ

Moe - ISTJ
Carl Carlson - ESTP
Lenny Leonard - ISTJ
Barney Gumble - ISFP

Luann Van Houten - ISTJ
Kirk Van Houten - ISFP
Milhouse Van Houten - INFP

Professor Frink - INTJ

Kent Brockman - ESTJ

Krusty - ESTP
Sideshow Bob - INFJ
Sideshow Mal - INTJ
Itchy - ISFJ
Scratchy - ENTP
Poochie - ESFP

Rainier Wolfcastle – ENTJ (Arnold Schwarznegger-clone)

Reverend Lovejoy - INTJ
Helen Lovejoy - ISFJ
Jessica Lovejoy - ENTP

Apu - ISFJ
Manjula - ISFJ

Mayor Quimby - ESTP

Fat Tony - INTJ

Cletus - ESTP
Brandine - ESFJ

Kang and Kodos - INTJ

Otto Mann – ISFP
Troy McLure - ENFJ
Cookie Kwan - ENFJ
Marvin Monroe - INFJ
Lionel Hutz - ENFJ
Dredrick Tatum – ISFP (Mike Tyson clone)
Gil Gunderson - ESFP
Disco Stu - ESTP
Duffman - ENFJ
Comic Book Guy - INFJ
Brad Goodman - INFJ
Akira - INTJ
Luigi - ESFJ
Wiseguy - INTJ
Artie Ziff - INTJ
Frank Grimes - INTJ
Hank Scorpio - ENFJ
Bleeding Gums Murphy - INFJ
Blue Haired Lawyer - ISTJ
Rich Texan - ENTJ


  1. Where are all the intps in these posts?

  2. It's interesting that you've identified the difference between Bart and Homer is Thinking/Feeling!