Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ENFP - Common Mistypes

ENFP are another personality type that tends to be mistyped and misread very often too.

Most people think of ENFP's as the cute bubbly, slightly unusual girl or the random, funny, quirky guy, but many do well in a variety of fields such as an acting, music, writing, business, comedian/comedienne, dancing etc.  

Here are some of the common misidentifications:


Strong development of tertiary Te and/or less aware auxiliary Fi often yields this mistype for ENFP’s (auxiliary Fi is also a function that's value isn't readily appreciated by society - moreso for males).

ENFP that have strong academic interests and backgrounds will often test as one of these types as they will be very capable at yielding their Te.


Ne is quite a cerebral process and can seem more internalised than most other extroverted processes – it also isn’t readily appreciated by society, so if the user hasn’t been nurtured well when using it they might keep their Ne observations to themselves to avoid further discouragement.


The questions for J vs P are often poor determinants of whether you actually are J or P – again whilst ENFP prefer a more free form and adaptive style, there are some that have Si fetishes for details, have been nurtured in a particular way or have roles that require them to be well organised.


As I alluded to previously, as awesome a function as Ne is, unfortunately the environment and world is not always kind to Ne compared to most other functions, as I mentioned here – as a result this may lead to typing as a sensing type, when really they are just overmodulating and shutting down their dominant Ne quickly and often with their inferior Si.

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