Monday, November 1, 2010

Futurama Characters - Personality Types

Futurama is an animated TV series created by Matt Groening based on the life and adventures of Phillip J. Fry, a 20-something NYC pizza delivery boy from the 20th century who is inadvertently cryogenically frozen and re-woken 1000 years later to an uncrecognisable world, finding employment at Planet Express, a interplanet delivery company.

Phillip J. Fry – ISFP

He doesn’t seem like a particularly strong representation of any personality type to me – I thought ISFP seemed the best fit – he’s definitely an adaptive type.

Turanga Leila – INTJ

She has the whole strong, independent woman that ‘takes no prisoners’ attitude going on – INTJ or INFJ seem to fit best IMO.

Amy Wong – ESFP

Cute, ditzy, rebellious against her parents, lives in the moment and fun loving – definitely comes off as an Extroverted Perceiver – ESFP seems to fit best.

Bender Bending Rodríguez – ESTP

Care-free, spontaneous, attention seeking and highly skilled kleptomaniac, very adaptive/versatile – ESTP is probably the best fit.

Dr. John A. Zoidberg – ISFP

Gut read –apart from seeming adaptive (P) he doesn’t seem to portray a particular personality type strongly enough.

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth – INTJ

Creative, mastermind scientist and inventor that’s very detached from the world (inferior Se) – I don’t get why people type him as ENTP? They are typically very buoyant and enthusiastic people.

Zapp Brannigan – ENFJ

Basically, Futurama’s Captain Kirk, who is also an ENFJ character.

Kif Kroker - INFP

Poignant, timid and shy – Fi-dom seems very likely.

Hermes Conrad - ISTJ

Stereotypical rigid beaurocrat – can he be any other type?

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