Tuesday, November 23, 2010

INFJ - Common Mistypes

I discussed some of the issues with the MBTI test in here and some potential reasons for mistyping.

In the next series of posts, I’m going to go through a number of common mistypes that crop up fairly consistently for the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.

It is commonly stated that the INFJ is the rarest of all types and whilst this is a possibility, it is not a fact given the reliability of the MBTI test

INFJ are probably the hardest of all types to read – like all personality types one label like “The Protectors” can not fit all of manifestations of a personality type and the different roles that they can take on - INFJ are often pioneers, leaders and revolutionaries (for better or worse) in a variety of fields to social chameleons, skilled charmers, actors/actresses and even dangerous criminal minds.

Here are some of the common mistypes and some potential reasons on why they may occur:


Strong development of tertiary Ti and/or underdeveloped/less aware auxiliary Fe often yields this mistype for INFJ’s – you will often see this mistype in the INFJ that have strong academic orientation or background in their life.


The questions for J vs P are often poor determinants of whether you actually are J or P – perhaps an INFJ with normal development that isn’t particularly organised, punctual etc. could test as an INFP as the INFJ directive functions aren’t always (rarely?) concerned with organisation of concrete things.


An INFJ with well developed Fe and very good articulation and speaking skills may identify with a number of the extrovert vs introvert questions – this would probably be a common mistype with actors, comedians and skilled orators.


Perhaps if they have worked in jobs that required great attention to detail or they have developed in a way (not a good way too) in which their Ni and Fe has got very little validation from their environment, but their Ti and Se has.

INFJ that are very good athletes or have mastered their inferior Se on numerous occassions may mistype this way too...

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