Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Becker Characters - Personality Types

Becker was a TV sitcom series starring Ted Danson as Dr Becker, a misanthropic doctor that deeps down cares about his patients and friends, who single handedly operates his own practice in the borough of Bronx, New York City and is a regular customer at a local diner. One of my personal favourite sitcoms of all-time - if you haven't caught it yet, make sure you do!

Here's my analysis of the main characters personality types:

Dr John Becker (Ted Danson) - INTJ (don't think they could spell it out any more - definitely Ni/Te - has the common INTJ pissed off with the incompetence of the world theme to his character ala Dr Cox from Scrubs - Ni/Te sees the flaws in logical systems and is often pissed off because of how much better things could be - also annoyed by the Se details of the world i.e flickering street lamps and noisy people - great character)

Margaret Wyborn (Hattie Winston) - ESFJ (Becker's receptionist who is very motherly, tradtionally minded and stubborn - stereotypical ESFJ)

Linda (Shawnee Smith) - ENFP (Becker's other receptionist - in contrast to Margaret she's kooky, optimistic, impulsive, muddle headed  - has to be a Ne-Fi - never takes things literally and has a lot of typical Si vs Ne clashes with Margaret - a very likeable character)

Regina 'Reggie' Kostas (Terry Farrell) - ISFP (not really sure what type she is, but this is my gut read of her character)

Jake Malinak (Alex D├ęsert) - ENTP (Not that sure of his type either - I'll go with ENTP because he is best friends with Becker - INTJ/ENTP pairs are commonly found together as they are an 'inspirational match' - he also has very quick wit and is very aware of what's going on despite being blind probably from Ne interfacing with patterns of what's happening at present)
Bob (Saverio Guerra) - ESTP (I'm going to go with Se dom, given how he clashes with Becker a lot. Definitely comes off more as the sharky tertiary Fe than auxiliary Fi)

Chris Connor (Nancy Travis) - ESFJ (Can't remember her character well enough, but from what I do ESFJ seems most likely - outgoing, nice, polite and ordinary)

Hector Lopez (Jorge Garcia) - ENTP (stereotypical ENTP schemer)

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