Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Guy Characters - Personality Types

Family Guy is one of the most popular animated TV Series of all time. Created by Seth McFarlane it focuses on the life of the dysfunctional Griffin family and the various adventures they get upto.

Here's my analysis of the main characters personality types:

Peter Griffin – ESFP

He lives in the moment, is fun loving, impulsive and goes with his gut when making decisions rather than using logic.

Lois Griffin – ENFJ

She is a caring mother with a cunning Ni edge to her personality.

Stewie Griffin – INTJ

Is obsessed with world domination and killing Lois – that has to be Ni dominance! Possibly INFJ?

Chris Griffin – ISFP

Is sensitive, mild mannered and has a poignant vibe which is characteristic of Fi dominance.

Meg Griffin – ESFJ

Is very concerned with her public image and fitting in at school – although she’s the hardest to get a good read of because her character isn’t all that well developed.

Brian Griffin – INFJ

He comes across as an INFJ with strong Ti – has a pissed off Ni-dom vibe, strong intellectual interests and is a romantic at heart.

Cleveland Brown - ISFJ

Is the most grounded and ordinary out of all the characters.

Glenn Quagmire – ENFJ

He’s all about the Fe charm and persuasion with the Ni cunning edge.

Joe Swanson – ESTJ

Macho, competitive and forceful dominant Te personality that tends to go by the book.

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