Friday, August 6, 2010

The Extrovert Myth

Another common myth is that all extroverts are social butterflies, high energy, talk a lot etc. again this is not always true. Being extroverted means that your lead and most stimulating way of functioning is to be engaged with the external world – depending on your dominant function, this may be a preference towards engaging directly (ExxJ) with social dynamics (Fe) or structural dynamics (Te) or taking in information (ExxP) via patterns and impressions (Ne) or literal details (Se).

So, ExxP’s are most likely to be mistyped as introverts as their lead way of functioning is taking in external information and their interaction function with the outside world (Fe or Te) is third in their hierarchy. In particular, Ne dominants (ENFP and ENTP) tend to be the most reserved of extroverts and some Ne dominants may be mistyped or misconceived as introverts. This is because we live in a Si dominant society (majority of the population are SJ’s), and as Si and Ne have an antagonistic/repressive relationship. So, Ne dominants may be frequently invalidated by Si dominant or auxiliary users who are directive and prefer to plant down what’s known as fact rather than exploring different patterns and possibilities of the external world (as that is draining for top 2 Si users to do), so the result is that Ne dominants start using more of their inferior Si to repress their Ne so they can deal more effectively with most people and as a result they may find most social interaction to be very draining.

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