Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Introvert Myth

Common belief is that introverts are most drained by being around people and social interaction, however this is not the case with all introverts. In fact many introverts will not find interacting with other people that draining and be highly articulate, well skilled in conversation and public speaking (particularly IxxJ's as they have their external interaction function, Fe or Te, placed second on their functional hierarchy), which can result in them being misconceived or mistyped as extroverts, when they are actually drawing their energy from inside as introverts do.

The truth is that introverts are drained by different aspects of the external world depending on what their dominant (which is what we are most stimulated by) and hence inferior cogntive function (which is what we are most drained by) is:

Si dominants (ISTJ and ISFJ) are most drained by Ne i.e. the different patterns and possibilities of the external world

Ni dominants (INTJ and INFJ) are most drained by Se i.e. the literal physical details of the external world

Fi dominants (ISFP and INFP) are most drained by Te  i.e. the structural dynamics and protocols of the external world

Ti dominants (ISTP and INTP) are most drained by Fe i.e the social dynamics of the external world

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