Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Personality Typing Others

Typing others can be very useful in not only in helping better understand the person, but also developing a greater understanding of personality type as a whole.

Most people attempt to type others through their words, actions, hobbies and strereotypes. Such methods are covered in books such as Paul Tieger’s The Art Of SpeedReading. However, personality types can develop and manifest in different ways which can cause some people to be hard to type (particularly those who have well developed use of their tertiary and inferior cognitive functions) and these methods can be inaccurate particularly when mainly relying on stereotypes (i.e. all I’s are quiet and inarticulate loners, all E’s are loud party-goers, all N’s are intelligent geniuses, all S’s are dumb beer swillers, all T’s are mean and cold, all F’s are warm and friendly, all P’s are lazy and unmotivated, all J’s are hard working and organised etc.) and hobbies (i.e. Inferior Function Fetish).

However, their is a very interesting typing method mentioned by Adymus from INTP forums at the link below based on body language, behaviour and visual appearances in real time - this is definitely a typing method I’m interested in pursuing further and observing it’s effectiveness.

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