Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inferior Function Fetish

Whilst hobbies can be helpful in determining someone’s personality type and often reflect a person’s dominant and auxiliary cognitive function combination, some hobbies they may in fact reflect the very opposite - a person’s inferior function AKA as aspirational function.

It might sound unusual a person doing an activity that is high energy cost to them (as using our inferior cognitive function is), but the feeling of heroism by conquering and defeating your weakness can be enough motivation to pursue such activities.

Here are some examples of inferior function fetishes you may see in the different personality types:

Ni dominants (INTJ and INFJ) may develop Se fetishes to conquer their weakness such as car racing, sports and dancing.

Ne dominants (ENTP and ENFP) may develop Si fetishes such as maintenance work, collecting hobbies, history and gardening

Se dominants (ESTP and ESFP) may have Ni fetishes such as dreaming, philosophy and spirituality.

Si dominants (ISTJ and ISFJ) may develop Ne fetishes like improvisational comedy.

Ti dominants (ISTP and INTP) may develop Fe fetishes to conquer their weakness like acting, fashion, hosting parties, public speaking, psychology and volunteer work/community service.

Te dominants (ENTJ and ESTJ) may develop Fi fetishes such as personal expression through music, design, poetry, arts and crafts

Fe dominants (ESFJ and ENFJ) may develop Ti fetishes such as strategy games, engineering, construction and mechanics

Fi dominants (INFP and ISFP) may develop Te fetish such as structural organisation, debating, business and politics

For more about the cognitive functions and how to further develop their use check out Functions of Type: Activities for Developing the Eight Jungian Functions 

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