Friday, June 25, 2010

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) – Cognitive Functions

What Is It?

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) is an external “dynamics” judgment function that makes objective decisions based on the social dynamics of the external world.

Who uses it?

As a dominant function (most stimulated by) – ESFJ, ENFJ
As a auxiliary function (supporting the dominant function) – ISFJ, INFJ
As a tertiary function – ESTP, ENTP
As an inferior function (most drained by) – ISTP, INTP

What are it's characteristics and themes?

  • Caring
  • Social Awareness
  • Charisma
  • Diplomatic
  • Communal

For more about the cognitive functions and how to further develop their use check out Functions of Type: Activities for Developing the Eight Jungian Functions

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