Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Find Out Your Personality Type?

The most accurate way to determine your personality type is to have an understanding of how the cognitive functions work - more specifically which set of 4 cognitive functions you have and their hierarchy depending on which ones stimulate and drain you most/least.

Cognitive Functions

There are 8 basic cognitive functions, which are often stated as two letter symbols (Se = Extraverted Sensing, Si = Introverted Sensing, Ne = Extroverted Intuition, Ni = Introverted intuition, Fe = Extraverted feeling, Fi = Introverted Feeling, Te = Extraverted Thinking, Ti = Introverted Thinking) that work together in different ways to define the 16 different personality types.

We all have a set of 4 cognitive functions that we consciously use (the other we use unconsciously). Different personality types will have different cognitive functions that stimulate and drain them most i.e. ISTP will feel most stimulated to drained by using Ti, Se, Ni, Fe in that order, an ENFJ will be most stimulated to drained by using a Fe, Ni, Se, Ti in that order, an ESTJ will feel most stimulated to drained by using Te, Si, Ne, Fi in that order, an INFP will feel most stimulated to drained by using Fi, Ne, Si, Te in that order.

There is an excellent overview to the cognitive functions at this link: Cognitive Functions 100: Basic Functionality

If you are interested in reading further into the topic I would strongly recommend checking out The Building Blocks Of Personality Type by Leona Haas

Tests can be misleading (the four dichotomies were designed by Myers and Briggs to simplify the process of finding out the dominant/auxiliary/tertiary/inferior cognitive function combination that defines personality types) - those who have developed their tertiary and inferior cognitive functions to higher levels or lack self awareness, may receive very mixed results. Also, whilst titles such as "Mastermind", "Architect", "Promoter" etc. capture our attentions and profiles are often interesting and entertaining to read, not every different manifestation of a personality type will be able to identify with them - consider Hitler and Gandhi were both INFJ's.

That said they are a very good starting point for capturing people's interest in exploring personality type theory in more depth. Here is a small collection of the many FREE tests that exist online:

2 options:

2+ options or scaled:

Ask Someone Else

You could go to an experienced, qualified psychologist in person for expert analysis of your personality type.

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